My school of individual learning is over 13 years old. Over the years I have taught courses to 427 people. You can study for yourself or turn your hobby into a job of your dream.
I will gladly teach you:

  • an original technique for creating accessories from jewellery wire
  • how to create a collection from scratch using my original algorithm
  • how to create jewellery based on my designs (selection of colors, how to work with tools and materials, how to create your own original designs)
  • pre-production & post-production
  • economics & visualization

Courses format: face-to-face offline classes or individual online classes on ZOOM platform →, as well as correspondence online courses →
Regardless of the format, all courses consist of lessons, each build on my original methodology of 100% successful learning.
For a free trial lesson on jewellery making and to receive detailed information about courses, fill out the form.

    It’s easy and simple to learn how to create jewellery! Let’s begin!

    The best recommendation is the collections and original techniques created by me.
    You can find all of my jewelleries in SHOP→, as well as video sketches with them in LOOKBOOK