The first jewellery collection was created by me in 2008 and was sold in a few days, and it gave me confidence to continue.
I also created other successful projects: a studio of handmade wooden gifts, toys and paper design NatashaDalex, a school for creative careers with an individual approach, a cafe of homemade food and sweets, groceries and a recipe book, but creating jewellery has always been a special thing to me.   

Over the years, more than 13 collections and more than 1500 pieces of jewellery have been created.

I use rare and unusual materials combined with classic ones to create timeless original designs.

I make jewellery in various styles, carefully choosing materials. A combination of Swarovski crystals and pearls, Mokuba textiles, NatashaDalex wooden beads, Venetian glass, metal, vintage elements, acrylic, natural and ornamental stones.

The original patented technique for making handmade accessories from wood and jewellery wire, including those with patination, underlies many of my jewellery designs.

I always bring rare materials from all of my many trips to various countries. I’ve been cooperating for a long time with the Austrian company Swarovski, the Japanese company Mokuba, private Italian craftsmen who creates Venetian beads. Moreover all of wood materials are made in my workshop NatashaDalex.

In my BLOG I’ll right about urban style and how to combine it with my jewellery.

In LOOKBOOK you can watch small videos and photo sketches with my jewellery.

And COURSES will teach everyone who wants to create jewellery for themselves or transform this hobby into their favorite job.

Let’s do it together! With love, Nattaba