Here you can find all of my jewelleries gathered in 13 collections.
Glassmania this collection combines different types of glass in one jewellery.
Swarovski this collection combines crystals and pearls with Mokuba textiles.
Unique this collections combines original oak locks and multilayering.
Freedom this collection combines wood and textile.
Woodline jewelleries of this collection are made of wood.
Vintage every jewellery of this collection containts a vintage elements.
Forest this collection combines natural stones, wood and metal.
Fusion  this collections combines all kinds of materials mentioned before.
Ecokids kids jewellery collection made of wood and textile.

Materials for me are the basis of the basics.

Something special and unique is born with each new placement of a huge amount of different materials.

Soon a new jewellery catalogue will be avaliable, as well as a jewellery making book to help you create a jewellery you’ve always dreamed of. 

Also in the Courses section you can find educational videos, information about paid courses and free short master classes.